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Mangos 0.15, Milestone Completed

Guest VladimirMangos

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MaNGOS is an object-oriented Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game Server (MMORPGS). It's an educational project, to help developers get familar with large scale C++ development projects.

The 0.15 release based on GIT commit [9134] is the fifteenth release on the MaNGOS roadmap. As a source-only release, it is intended only for developers and advanced users who understand they will probably experience bugs and/or rough edges.

The following list only gives you a higher level overview, for further details see the ChangeLog file included in the source releases.

==== Game Features ====

* Added: Implement AV battleground.

* Added: Implement threat level show in client.

* Added: Implement dead visible creatures support.

* Added: Implement new dungeon/raid difficulties work.

* Added: Implement mails sending at player levelup.

* Added: Implement new DB-based gossip system for creatures/gameobjects.

* Improved: More proper creature movement animation in fly. Improvements in movement generators.

* Improved: Fixes in pool system that must allow more wide use pool of pools mode.

* Improved: Rewrited battleground spirit guids code for more correct work.

* Improved: More achievement types support. Including with DB/script-based achievement requirement checks.

* plus lots of fixes for auras, effects, spells, talents, glyphs and more.

==== Server Features ====

* Added: More chat/console commands and config options.

* Added: Implement realmd support realms for different client versions.

* Added: New memory allocator for MaNGOS, based on Intel Threading Building Blocks library.

* Improved: Some guid generation and object stores made map local. More improvements can be possible in future for this part.

* Improved: Player updates move to map local code.

* Improved: More other changes for thread safe work code in future per-map threads.

* Improved: More wide use ACE features instead explicitly hardcoded.

* Improved: Rewritten mail preparing code, and cleanup mail system code in general.

* Improved: More checks at loading DB data for problems detection.

* Improved: Some optimizations in amount data send to client.

* Improved: Avoid characters save calls in some redundant cases.

* Improved: Progress in move before used at loading values from `data` field to own fields/tables.

==== Statistics ====

* Fixed Bugs: 100 tickets and many bugs reported at forum resolved

* Total number of changes: 547 revisions (560 commits)

MaNGOS team not plan create special branch for 0.15 release. Tag will created release commit from other side.

We plan continue provide limited support for existed mangos-0.12 branch with appropriate patches backporting from master.

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