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[fixed]<9203>npcs speed

Guest Electros

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MaNGOS/0.16.0 (* * Revision 9202 - *) for Linux_x64 (little-endian)

Using script library: ScriptDev2 (for MaNGOS 9198+) Revision [1545] 2010-01-17 09:10:29 (Unix)

Using World DB: PSDB WotLK (283)

Using creature EventAI: PSDB EventAI r1542 & ACID 3.0.1


Maybe is DB issue?

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..i don't think that this is a DB issue. but i can confirm that npc's are walking only now!

at rev. 9192 they were "chasing" you with normal speed, means that if you attack them they're running to get you!

i think the Dev's are looking for a solution regarding the "pet's are to slow" issue!

Pet's were also walking only, now they're running again... but npc's are walking only now!

maybe that this is an experimental status while trying to find the right solution!

so let's keep the fingers crossed for the Dev's, they're doing really a great job ;)

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