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[6316] Small Memory Leak in guild bank

Guest Trazom

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Description of bug: Memory leak

How to repeat: NA

How it should work: NA

While reading some code, I found this small memory leak (just in rare case of error)

Index: Guild.cpp
--- Guild.cpp        (revision 6313)
+++ Guild.cpp        (working copy)
@@ -1243,6 +1243,7 @@
                        CharacterDatabase.PExecute("DELETE FROM guild_bank_item WHERE guildid='%u' AND TabId='%u' AND SlotId='%u'", Id, uint32(TabId), uint32(SlotId));
                        sLog.outError("Item GUID %u not found in item_instance, deleting from Guild Bank!", ItemGuid);
+                        delete pItem;
        }while( result->NextRow() );

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