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[9236] [patch] Some new spells with divided damage

Guest Lutik

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Hope to start scripting ICC soon, so I have tested some boss spells at first.

There are some new spells, which damage is divided between the targets, so they need to be added to such spells list to work correctly.

It's the Lord Marrowgar's Saber Lash (10 and 25 man versions), and the spell used by green oozes in Putricide fight (4 versions, one for every normal and heroic difficulty).

Here is the patch for rev.9227:

diff --git a/src/game/SpellEffects.cpp b/src/game/SpellEffects.cpp
index 90c8577..bfa3ef3 100644
--- a/src/game/SpellEffects.cpp
+++ b/src/game/SpellEffects.cpp
@@ -322,6 +322,8 @@ void Spell::EffectSchoolDMG(uint32 effect_idx)
                    case 42384:                             // Brutal Swipe
                    case 45150:                             // Meteor Slash
                    case 64422: case 64688:                 // Sonic Screech
+                    case 70492: case 72505:                 // Ooze Eruption
+                    case 72525: case 72624:                 // Ooze Eruption
                        uint32 count = 0;
                        for(std::list<TargetInfo>::iterator ihit= m_UniqueTargetInfo.begin();ihit != m_UniqueTargetInfo.end();++ihit)

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