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[rev 9202] Some nasty bug with DK spell and all npc's

Guest alein

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MaNGOS/0.16.0 (* * Revision 9202 - *) for Linux_x64 (little-endian)
Using script library: ScriptDev2 (for MaNGOS 9198+) Revision [1545] 2010-01-17 09:10:29 (Unix)
Using World DB: PSDB WotLK (283)
Using creature EventAI: PSDB EventAI r1542 & ACID 3.0.1

In my GM forum was posted pretty topic, how to kill Sapphiron easy by 2-5 players.

I didn't belive it before get in the simple test raid.

Sapphiron was killed by Kel'Thuzad ;-) pretty discovery and it's work with all other npc's.

What we need:

DK in blood talent bild.

Some player who have resurect/redempt.

1. DK drag Sapphiron into Kel'Thuzad place.

2. DK use Mark of Blood and hit to Kel'Thuzad (get aggro and Kel'Thuzad attack DK) in this moment Mark of Blood heal DK player and Sapphiron going to attack Kel'Thuzad becouse heal aggro maybe or something else.



Doesn't work always, but with 2-3 test you get a good items ;)

I think should be added some rule to prevent Mark of Blood effect and may be other spell effects.

Best regards.

I hope understand my bad English ;)

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