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Well first off, we are on 3.3.0 mangos.

So, here is my problem on Mangos.

i do .wp add on an npc then .wp show on i click the wp, then i do .wp modify spell <id of the spell i want them to cast> when i do that they walk to the wp and cast the spell every 0.5 second saying error and cancels any spell that is not instant cast while saying <error> again.

What's wrong? how can i set cast time? do i need to use a special npc?

when i make 2 waypoints and do .wp mod waittime <time here> he says error and does not wait.

when i make 2 waypoints, and the npc walks to one he will say error, then cast the spell walk along to the other wp and back repeat.

how can i fix it so he does not say error and casts the spells i want them to?

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