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[9283] Nevermelting Ice Crystal

Guest DanqeR

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MaNGOS/0.16.0 (* * Revision 9283 - *) for Linux_x32

World DB: YTDB_0.10.9_R531_MaNGOS_R9260_SD2_R1556_ACID_R302_RuDB_R34.8

Nevermelting Ice Crystal

Bug Type: Item

Description: Doesn't increases your critical strike rating. SPell from trinket not working.

Fansite reference: http://www.wowhead.com/?item=50259

Status: Bugged

Test date: 04.02.2010

How it should work: Increases your critical strike rating by [184 * 71564u] for 20 sec. Every time one of your non-periodic spells deals a critical strike, the bonus is reduced by 184 critical strike rating.

Thanks in advance.

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