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Why The Map Extractor Don't Use Stromlib?

Guest mengqin

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Map extractor use LMPQAPI library for a long time, but the LMPQAPI lib stop update long long ago.

Now, map extractor use this old lib have most of problem, ex. using it to extract map in cn client it will stop in 41% progress(DEBUG version won't have this problem).

why not use Stormlib in ad? Just like Vmap.

I modify mpq_libmpq.cpp and mpq_libmpq.h,rewrite MPQArchive and MPQfile for Stormlib,I found these problem has gone and it run more faster then before.

Hope someone can update it.

Stomlib easier to use then LMPQAPI library,and it update until now.

Newest version of Stomlib is 6.22 you can find it here:


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