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[patch] Fix A Bug Of Periodic Trigger Aura

Auntie Mangos

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  • 38 years later...

How to check this bug:

use spell 17738 or 43648 on a creature. Then you will see the creature has the aura, but you are triggering triggered spells and taken damage.

Index: SpellAuras.cpp
--- SpellAuras.cpp        (revision 6412)
+++ SpellAuras.cpp        (working copy)
@@ -1835,7 +1848,7 @@
        // All ok cast by default case
-        Spell *spell = new Spell(caster, triggredSpellInfo, true, originalCasterGUID );
+        Spell *spell = new Spell(m_target, triggredSpellInfo, true, originalCasterGUID );

        SpellCastTargets targets;
        targets.setUnitTarget( target );

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As with your other patches to spells and spell effects, is this code applied to unit.cpp?

Thank you for working on behalf of all mages everywhere! :)


I just noticed your other patch for Periodic Trigger Aura is applied to SpellAuras.cpp

Do I then apply this section of code posted here to the other patch to create a unified patch?

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