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Major game features, not implemented overview

Guest NoFantasy

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Overview of basic game features, remains to be implemented.

Some are partially implemented, many are not implemented at all or need a larger rewrite of current code. Feel free to edit this post as you see fit, just don't list minor issues in here, we should keep this thread as a overview of the major features we are still missing :)

The list are divided in three:

1. features that has always been available on official

2. features implemented at some point in 2.x client

3. features implemented at some point in 3.x client

It is not a priority list, however: the basic features that has always been available on retail should of course get a higher attention than features that has been recently implemented.

1. Always present features

- Mind control (partially working)

- In many item send data cases (mail, trade, etc) we send hard coded and unknown values (packet structure not complete)

- Outdoor PvP

2. Added in 2.x client

- Progressing game event (existed to some degree in 1.x)

- NPCs on transports (boats, zeppelins)

- auction pending payments list instead old send mails way

- Voice chat

3. Added in 3.x client

- Calendar

- Vehicles and Destructible Buildings

- Dungeon group search

- Dynamic Loot (loot based on which/how many raid bosses killed)

- Dynamic instance difficulty

- WotLK arenas and Battlegrounds.

- BOP item trade for items dropped in dungeons/raids.

- Item refund system.

- Dungeon and Raid ID Extensions

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