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Custom Buffs

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Ok i have done a simple search here for this and come up with nothing, plus i read these forums alot and never seen anything.

But to implement custom buffs i take it you must have to patch the core to do so?

My question is would this be hard to do, as in have the config file as normal but get npc's to cast xp buffs on characters for whatever duration whether being 2x 4x or whatnot to a character ingame.

I just want to know would this be a easy patch or not? (obvious reason why i ask is cause i have no idea to do it myself). lol.


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Hmm actually I thought that using CastCustomSpell you could modify the base points of an effect. For example using the spell given you could make it give +200% by simply modifing the base points of effect one.

I might be wrong so don't quote me on that =P

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