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Shellscript For Replacing Postincrements With Preincrements

Guest balrok

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cause i often hear pre-increment is faster than postincrement, so i thought about a shellscript/regular expression to automaticly replace those on places where it's not important if there is a pre or postincrement

cause i don't know how i can make multiple matches with find you also should execute it a 2nd time with "-name *.h" (and *.c)

find all in for-loops:

find -name *.cpp -exec sh -c "sed -r 's/(.*for *\\(.*; *)([a-zA-Z0-9_]+) ?((\\+\\+)|(\\-\\-))( *\\).*)/\\1 \\3\\2 \\6/' {} > /tmp/lalala && cp /tmp/lalala {}" \\; && rm /tmp/lalala

find all in plain code:

find -name *.cpp -exec sh -c "sed -r 's/^(( *)([a-zA-Z0-9_]*) *((\\+\\+)|(\\-\\-))+ *$/\\2\\4\\3;/g' {} > /tmp/lalala && cp /tmp/lalala {}" \\; && rm /tmp/lalala

to find out if the script works right you can do:

ack -h "for *\\(.*((\\+\\+)|(\\-\\-)) *\\)" > test

and then run the sed-script over test

sed -r 's/(.*for *\\(.*; *)([a-zA-Z0-9_]+) ?((\\+\\+)|(\\-\\-))( *\\).*)/\\1 \\3\\2 \\6/' test

for the 2nd script it is:

ack -h "^( *[a-zA-Z0-9_]+ *((\\+\\+)|(\\-\\-)) *+ *$"

(if you don't have ack you can replace "ack -h" with grep , the result is the same (but grep is realy slow on the whole mangos-source, thats why i prefer ack)

i post it in this section, cause i don't realy know if this will help and cause i'm not 100% sure if the server will work after this (i already tested the script with the for-loop without any crash.. but i can't test much things alone)

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