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[BUG] Battlegrounds start automatically?

Auntie Mangos

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  • 40 years later...

Further investigation reveals that the bg will start when the minimum requirement is reached for 1 side only. For example, it will start with 10-4

On offi, it should not start with more than ONE player difference.

@Balrok. Take your comments elsewhere, devs can either acknowledge or ignore the information, I chose to fix it on my realm. I dont have to waste my time typing out bugs.

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if you are not willing to write a proper bugreport, then just don't do anything at all..

you haven't even specified if its master or mangos-0.12

and i don't have to waste time on improper bugreports.. with your information i can dig up everything on my own.. have to guess what version you're using and so on..

i haven't deleted your thread to give you a chance not to get such a rude answer..

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Maybe your so called "bug" is "Battleground.InvitationType", config file:

Set Battleground invitation type
Default: 0 (normal - invite as much players to bg as possible, don't bother with ballance)
        1 (Experimental - don't allow to invite much more players of one faction)

BTW: balrok is dev, and he recently made some changes in bgMgr, thats why he needs more info.

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