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two sided trade modification???

Guest jagodragon

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i was wondering about adding a two sided trade option in the configs. that is one of the very few things i miss from arcemu so i started diggin and i have to say i am total newb but wanted to see if i was learning any thing so i tried. can you take a look and tell me how bad i did?


... ]enum eConfigBoolValues

... ]{

... ]





... ] if (pOther->GetTeam() !=_player->GetTeam() )

... ] {


--- ] return;


+++ ] return; 

+++ ] else (SendTradeStatus(TRADE_STATUS_WRONG_FACTION);

+++ ] return;

... ] }


... ]AllowTwoSide.Interaction.Mail = 1

+++ ]AllowTwoSide.Interaction.TRADE = 1

... ]AllowTwoSide.WhoList = 1

the brackets are the files i moded and the "..." is lines before and after changes the "+++" are lines i added and the "---" are lines i removed...

now i am sure this can't be right because i am as i said a complete newb and it only took me 45 minutes to do.

this is my first attempt at an thing so be blunt but please don't flame too badly .

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the feature existed before, but it was removed because with some client version (2.4.x i think) this functionality was suddenly blocked by the client, even if the server would allow it. there were many people that tried to work around it (including me), but without success. i wonder if arcemu really supports it, or if the config option is just a fake.

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some on... any one... please just look at the code... i am not realy concerned with weather or not mangos wants to support it, or if client makes it not possible... i am more looking to see if any one can look at the code and "appraise" it?

i am compiling now and hope i am not f***ing up my server.....

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sorry.. yeah i found it.

can you look at this and tell me what you think? please


...    ]    setConfig(CONFIG_BOOL_ALLOW_TWO_SIDE_INTERACTION_MAIL,    "AllowTwoSide.Interaction.Mail", false);
+++    ]    setConfig(CONFIG_BOOL_ALLOW_TWO_SIDE_INTERACTION_TRADE,   "AllowTwoSide.Interaction>trade", false);
...    ]    setConfig(CONFIG_BOOL_ALLOW_TWO_SIDE_WHO_LIST,            "AllowTwoSide.WhoList", false);


...    ]enum eConfigBoolValues
...    ]{
...    ]


---    ]    if (pOther->GetTeam() !=_player->GetTeam() )
+++    ]    if (pOther->GetTeam() != team && !sWorld.getConfig(CONFIG_BOOL_ALLOW_TWO_SIDE_INTERACTION_TRADE) && session->GetSecurity() < SEC_MODERATOR) <<<--- not sure about this?
...    ]    {
...    ]        SendTradeStatus(TRADE_STATUS_WRONG_FACTION);
...    ]        return;
...    ]    }


...    ]AllowTwoSide.Interaction.Mail = 1
+++    ]AllowTwoSide.Interaction.TRADE = 1
...    ]AllowTwoSide.WhoList = 1

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ok.... that didn't work...

attemp three and this one compiled soooo... lets see lol

   else if (pOther->GetTeam() !=_player->GetTeam() )

Edsit: nope... it's fail lol kinda figured... but hey atleast it compiled...

besides.. i was told it was client side... so... i will always fail at this one... unless there is a way to fool the client into thinking both players are same faction during the trade??

any thoughts on that?

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Thank you Vladimir for pointing that out.

You are correct!

i do not understand all of it... as i said in my first post i am very new at this and any help or pointers.. would be appreciated :)

sinse i do not understand all of it, i tried to look at how it was done in twosided chat, then, as directed by you i treid to look at add friend and when i tried to use a similar fasion it would not compile correctly(i know this is an error on my part) So, i went back to the example that made sense to me and tried to use it again.. and, it did, some what.... at least it compiled...

still can't trade but i now know that it is a client issue and that i need to trick the client into believing we are same faction. i do not wnat to do this in a way that make the server see me or the other player as unfriendly to our own factions though so i will belooking in to it more as i have free time :)

thank you for trying to help me, i am sorry that i am so new at this and could not do what you thought i should have, but, i am trying to LEARN this :)

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