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Multi Threading Support, Pool System

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I am gonna work over the next month to get this totally finished, i am starting right now and will put up a svn and anyone can post a patch to help me out, if you want to make mangos better, this is the way to do it, i am doing a basic system right now adopting code from arcemu/aspire not all just base of the threading

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Posting about fixes that don't really exist and then getting your nose out of joint because people are asking critical questions about the technical merits instead of throwing chunks of code at the idea to complete the project for you is just plain bad form.

I think wow-masters would have done better to try and answer those questions or at least learn a bit about how to program the supposed fixes first (like mutexes) before shouting at everyone else for not "contributing".

Talking down to people will get you nowhere real fast. Working with others in a friendly, respectful manner will allow much to be achieved.

tali, good luck to you, should you persevere and make progress with this.

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