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[mangos-0.12] gameobjects don't accept quests

Guest balrok

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in mangos-0.12 since commit: ac9a55f8195c54f195dc83c32f3b819c391a3e74 you can't return quests to gameobjects

a fix was:

--- a/src/game/SpellEffects.cpp
+++ b/src/game/SpellEffects.cpp
@@ -2726,8 +2726,19 @@ void Spell::SendLoot(uint64 guid, LootType loottype)
                player->GetMap()->ScriptsStart(sGameObjectScripts, gameObjTarget->GetDBTableGUIDLow(), player, gameObjTarget);

+                // start or end quest
+                player->PrepareQuestMenu(guid);
+                player->SendPreparedQuest(guid);
+                return;
+                // triggering linked GO
+                if (uint32 trapEntry = gameObjTarget->GetGOInfo()->spellFocus.linkedTrapId)
+                    gameObjTarget->TriggeringLinkedGameObject(trapEntry,m_caster);
+                return;
            case GAMEOBJECT_TYPE_GOOBER:
                // goober_scripts can be triggered if the player don't have the quest
                if (gameObjTarget->GetGOInfo()->goober.eventId)

so this is basically reverting that part from that commit.. i'm not sure how to correctly fix it..

big thanks to sarjuuk in this place, he helped testing while i did git bisect to find that error

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Awesome, this broke about a dozen quests, some of them important class quests (like the warlock quest for a voidwalker), have been meaning to look into it ever since I found out about the bug. Will test it and let you know!


Quest 9529 (The Stone) works again after applying this patch, so far so good.

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