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[Skill] Empower Rune Weapon

Guest Calfa

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Mangos Version: 16.0 rev 9626

Custom Patches:

SD2 Version: dunno ^^!

Database Name and Version : UDB 12.0 / SD2 SQL for rev. 1639

How it SHOULD work: "Empower your rune weapon, immediately activating all your runes and generating 25 runic power."

How it DOES work: It does nothing.

I'm sorry if i didn't post it properly. I've been looking for some info about that bug but didn't find anything.

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SpellEffects.cpp :

@@ -2769,6 +2773,12 @@ void Spell::EffectTriggerSpell(SpellEffectIndex effIndex)
   pet->CastSpell(pet, 28305, true);
+    // Empower Rune Weapon
+    case 53258:
+    {
+    m_caster->ModifyPower(POWER_RUNIC_POWER, 25);
+    return;
+    }

   // normal case

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