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Mobs Respawning Quicky During Instance Or Wipe

Guest teacher4444

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Rev 6440 + SD2 558 + UDB 0.10.3 ch359 + Acid 19

Beta Testers during Instance have mobs they killed few minutes earlier respawned. If the whole raid is wiped and they re-enter the Instance (without modifying the raid) the Instance is already fully spawned.

If 2 out of 5 Beta Testers die, when they get back in the Instance they are on a different InstanceID then their fellow raid members.

Confirmed in Magisters' Terrace, Botanica and Arcatraz.

Spawntimesecs field in creature table is set=604800.

Reset_delay field in instance_template map is set=3 (I checked on the wiki and the value must be in days, not mins or secs).

manogs.conf is set not to use DB values, no multiplier.

I am posting it here instead of the bug tracker because I have many doubts it is my own problem, not core nor db related.

Has anyone experienced such issue with this or higher Rev?

Thank you.

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