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[Bug/help] Character items wiped.

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Today every table related to the table item_instance wiped on my server. I dont know if this is an isolated case or if this is due to something I did- I would like some input. I did do some things related to item earlier today. Here is a list of things I did.

*I create a character dump with .pdump

*Attempted to load character dump but was told it is *invalid*

*Changed the maximum size of the "guid" field in item_instance to 13 from 11 and changed the field type to "bigint" instead of "int"

The above happened this morning, and there was absolutely no problems with the server, it ran 100%.

I restarted the server a while ago and boom, 0 rows in mail_item, auctionhouse, character_inventory and guild_bank_item

-What could have possibly caused this? Why did this happen when the server restarted and not while characters saved etc?

Thanks in advanced!

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