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how to fix this crash ?

Guest asd1234c

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2010-04-12 16:55:02 ERROR s pell (ID: 52349) has effect EffectImplicitTargetA/EffectImplicitTargetB = TARGET_SCRIPT or TARGET_SCRIPT_COORDINATES, but does not have record in `spell_script_target`

at the "into the realm shadow"

Quest work

if we start like this

1. talk NPC and Click to realm shadow

2. the dark zone coming and monster coming

3. kill the knight and quest complete

4. back to moring

5. talk with NPC finish quest fine!


If we not kill knight but we "Right click" on dark horse first

server will crash

- and that mean , If someone want to fuck the server just right click on dark horse in this quest

please help how to fix


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