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ScriptDev2 Error

Guest floydstime

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I followed the guide but when I get to ScriptDev2 compiling I get this error...

------ Build started: Project: ScriptDev2, Configuration: Release Win32 ------

Extracting revision



c:\\mangos\\src\\bindings\\scriptdev2\\include\\../ScriptMgr.h(62) : error C2061: syntax error : identifier 'SpellEffectIndex'

c:\\mangos\\src\\bindings\\scriptdev2\\include\\../ScriptMgr.h(63) : error C2061: syntax error : identifier 'SpellEffectIndex'

c:\\mangos\\src\\bindings\\scriptdev2\\include\\../ScriptMgr.h(64) : error C2061: syntax error : identifier 'SpellEffectIndex'

Build log was saved at "file://c:\\MaNGOS\\src\\bindings\\ScriptDev2\\VC90\\ScriptDev2__Win32_Release\\BuildLog.htm"

ScriptDev2 - 3 error(s), 0 warning(s)

Help please?

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It really would be best to ask the ScriptDev2 guys. They can better help you pin this error down, since it's their baby.

Don't worry. NoFantasy hasn't eaten anyone's liver, with fava beans and a nice "kee-antee", for some time now. You're probably safe to ask for help.

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Hey niko. Stick your useless annoying replies where the sun don't shine. Since the question was hard for you to understand, I'll breakdown the "Sun don't shine" for you... It's where you head is currently at!!! If you don't want questions about ScriptDev then don't put stickies with guides on how to install them...

UnkleNuke, thank you, I will look there.

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It may be the revision of SD2 you're attempting to compile is not compatible with your revision of the MaNGOS core. Check your local SD2 SVN repo's log and look for comments like, "For MaNGOS 9613 and above", or something similar. You didn't mention the revisions of MaNGOS and ScriptDev2 that you're compiling, but that's usually been the reason I get that error. Instead of reverting my SD2 repo, I'll usually just cherry-pick the revision I need to work with the core I'm using.

Don't be too hard on Nicko. He basically gave the same advice as I offered, just a bit more brusquely. There's so many bozos that post here about stuff which has nothing to to with the MaNGOS core, or in the completely wrong sub-forum, that it sometimes can rub the wrong way and you feel like smacking a few heads with a large trout.... or would that be a 20-lb. Mightfish?

We're all in this together and wouldn't be here if we didn't love playing the game and driving ourselves crazy with learning about and putting a lot of work into our servers. ;)

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