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[BUG] Leveling past level 80 as a player?


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For some reason players can't level past 80 and before you ask yest i did change cap in Mangosd.conf but for some reason i see somthing in the prompt saying capp 255 out of rang using default 80? not sure how to remove this...anyone know? if so thanks!

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Not a bug, but if you want to change it you need to alter the source.

Search for and change the last parameter of the following in World.cpp:


But also pay attention to following from DBCEnums.h:

// Client expected level limitation, like as used in DBC item max levels for "until max player level"
// use as default max player level, must be fit max level for used client
// also see MAX_LEVEL and STRONG_MAX_LEVEL define

// client supported max level for player/pets/etc. Avoid overflow or client stability affected.
// also see GT_MAX_LEVEL define
#define MAX_LEVEL    100

I haven't tried it, so you might crash your client trying it. Have fun!

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