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GM Commands to create town / vendors

Guest manik

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Hey guys

I'm new here and from reading a couple threads, I can already tell you guys are the "go-to-guys" for my "project"...

I initiated my gf to WoW by installing a 2.4.3 server. She's hooked lol.

Now, we came up with the idea to create some sort of small town that would have everything someone could need. An Inn, different trainers and vendors and whatnot. Oh and if it would be possible to make all of the NPC "non-racist"? Like anyone could go there, either Alliance or Horde without getting mobbed?

Now, the problem I have... with 2.4.3 , is there a way to create all that using the GM commands, as in "in game creation" through the chat box? And possibly without having to do anything with Navycat or any DB stuff???

Thanks a lot to those willing to help with this, you guys rock.

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You could spawn already existing vendors (Dunno how you'd do the inn though) and you could use various object models to spawn town structures like houses etc.

If you want neutral vendors you'd have to use some kind of faction that's neutral to both alliance and horde and able to interact with them, I think your best bet is the database forums/

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Unfortunately, for the sake of your time and/or sanity, it will require doing some homework.

There are commands that will allow you to spawn game objects such as buildings, tables, chairs, hearths, sconces, torches, books, chests, and any other decorations or accoutrement you thinks looks best. You can even spawn entire cities, since locations like Stormwind or Ironforge are actually a single, giant model with newer versions of the game. Older versions still have the cities built using individual models for the buildings.

The homework part is going to be finding the correct GUIDs for everything.

I highly recommend using the WoW Modelviewer for this purpose. It allows you to view objects outside the game so you can choose what you like instead of the trial and error effort of spawning and despawning until you find something suitable. Write down the name of the object in the viewer you wish to use, then you can search for it in the game using .lookup object. A more handy way of doing this would be with an add-on, like MangAdmin or TrinityAdmin, which has a great GUI for finding and spawning things.

The trouble with using existing buildings or entire cities is that you'd then have duplicates that can play havoc with finding the original places and your new town, especially for any add-ons that rely on GUIDs to establish location such as Carbonite.

Although the following does require some moderate skill with the database, it will allow you to have a unique name and identifier for objects that make up your town.

Using Game Objects in MaNGOS

This brief guide tells you how to use existing Game Objects to create your own areas,

towns, or simply decorating a house or other structure. This can be useful for setting

up a personalized dwelling for yourself or other GMs, creating new dungeons, making new

towns/camps/keeps in empty areas, or fleshing out the unused zones.

Open the mangos database.

Find the table gameobject_template.

Locate the model name you want to use and note its Entry ID. You can double check this information at several sites devoted to the game, such a WoWGuru, Allakhazam, Thottbot, or WoWDB to ensure you've gotten the right object, as there can be multiple entries with the same name, like cookstoves and mailboxes.

I suggest trying IDs from those sites by spawning them in game first as they can sometimes be labeled incorrectly.

Once you have located the object's table row in the DB, copy it and paste it into a new table entry. Take

note of the "type" and "displayid".

Give your new model entry a unique ID, but make sure it is high enough to not interfere with existing or

future additions to the database. Entries starting with 100,000 and up should work fine.

Name your new object. You can reuse the same label as the original or give it a more fitting label.

Choose the scale, or size, you wish. 1 is default, or original size. 2 would be twice as large, etc. Can use fractions as decimal numbers, such as 0.5 for half size.

The remainder of the table entry numbers can be set to 0.

Save your database changes and start your server.

Log in as your GM character. Go to the place you want to add your objects or "build" your town.

Use the .gobject add entrynumber, where the entry number is the one you gave to your new object, to add your new game object to the spot where your GM character is currently standing.

It's orientation and height will be the same as your character's so make sure you're facing the direction you wish the object's front to be. In the case of things like flags or banners, you'll probably have to enable Fly Mode, with .gm fly on, to place yourself at the correct height to mount the flag or whatever to

the top of a building or archway.

As for NPCs, you can use a similar method to "clone" them and then give a unique ID and name to avoid confusion. This is especially good to do if you wish to have an innkeeper where characters can use a Hearthstone to teleport to your town's inn.

However you wish to proceed, good luck and have fun with it! :)

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I hope it works out for you to suit your wishes. I'm just glad I still had that document stored in a dusty corner of my hard drive, compiled from countless tips and hints gleaned from various sources over the years. There are similar docs out there online, but most of them deal with Arcemu or Ascent server cores since those are popular for funservers with lots of custom content.

I highly recommend reading through the UDB forums for more information and ideas.

It's an honor to be of help to you, good sir! May you and your girlfriend have loads of fun designing, building, and decorating "Manikville". ;)

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