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Mangos is shown as offline in realmlist, while processes are runing

Auntie Mangos

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I'm not in front of my database but if your last value is 0, i guess thats may be of a problem... the "Build" number shouldn't be 0 ...

When you've just setup your server its either empty or 0...i don't remmember, but when your gonna launch your mangos.exe while realmd.exe will be up, the build will be generated....

are you french? because you should say "everything works" not "everything functions" as the french work "fonctionne".... :P

I would suggest that you start first by launching a world of warcraft client on your own server if possible to see if that one also see's it as offline.... at least this will perhaps help figure it out where the problem comes from ...

http://getmangos.eu/community/showthread.php?13121-World-of-Warcraft-Server-for-Windows-Installation-Guide Part 18 is how i did it

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well the title says it all... just got back to using mangos from about a year of ascent...

when i start up mangos, everything functions, but for some reason, it is not being shown as online when i start up the game... i have all proper ports open, MaNGOSD, RealmD, mysql and apache running... any help would be great... thanks in advance!

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