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Mangosd opens and closes

Guest eddiewom

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Hello, i just updated to rev 9775 and did every update without problems, when i open realmd.exe it opens and works.

When i open mangosd.exe it opens and closes after less than a second, i could make a screenshot of it (not a really good one but still).

It says in the screenshot that he does not recognize the field name "required_9768_01_mangos_command", then he says that he needs "required_9768_01_mangos_command" and that it isnt there.

Please help


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Hey ther first of all you can start the mangosd.exe ´with cmd so you can see the error (no closing windows) by managing to the folder of mangsod.exe and start it...

to the solve of youre prob... in your database there is a file called data (look in mangos table) when you look in the ddl of this file there is a comment where stands something like xxxx_xx_mangos_xxxxx you have to adapt this to youre 9768_01_mangos_command then save and run :)

and sry for the unaccurate post but im at work so i dont have access to the db and dunno how the exact names are :(

Yours Sincerely


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