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[patch][6519] Mangos-realmd: Some Usernames Can't Login

Guest burdakovd

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Revision: 6480

Description of bug:

Some usernames can't login to mangos-realmd, even if they put correct password.

Example of such username is "kreved"

How to repeat:

1) run mangos-world

2) type "create kreved somepassword somepassword"

3) run mangos-realmd

4) Run client and try to login

Other information:

This bug activates when sha1(username) ends with 0x00

(For example sha1("KREVED") = 901b43e4f42ce49ba47b112ab70f6f554e9c4400)

this 0x00 is lost when "t4.SetBinary(sha.GetDigest(), 20);"


Index: src/realmd/AuthSocket.cpp
--- src/realmd/AuthSocket.cpp     (revision 6480)
+++ src/realmd/AuthSocket.cpp     (working copy)
@@ -622,11 +622,13 @@
-        BigNumber t4;
-        t4.SetBinary(sha.GetDigest(), 20);
+        uint8 t4[sHA_DIGEST_LENGTH];
+        memcpy(t4, sha.GetDigest(), SHA_DIGEST_LENGTH);

-        sha.UpdateBigNumbers(&t3, &t4, &s, &A, &B, &K, NULL);
+        sha.UpdateBigNumbers(&t3, NULL);
+        sha.UpdateData(t4, SHA_DIGEST_LENGTH);
+        sha.UpdateBigNumbers(&s, &A, &B, &K, NULL);
        BigNumber M;
        M.SetBinary(sha.GetDigest(), 20);

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