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[HELP] Fixing Arcane Blast

Guest Kippstrahl

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Hi there, unfortunately the Arcane Blast spell hasn't been fixed for several mangos builds so I tried to fix it on myself. I would fix it in that way:

1.) Add the fix in the Spell::Prepare() function

2.) When casting an arcane spell, check the spell id (Arcane Blast -> do not remove the buff; other arcane damage spells -> remove it)

if(m_caster->getClass() == CLASS_MAGE && (m_spellInfo->SchoolMask & SPELL_SCHOOL_MASK_ARCANE))
   //All arcane damage spells instead of arcane blast will remove the aura
   if(m_spellInfo->Id != 30451 && m_spellInfo->Id != 42894 && m_spellInfo->Id != 42896 && m_spellInfo->Id != 42897)

This is in my opinion a very bad solution in the third line. The spell ids are all Arcane Blast and its 4 ranks. (Better solution?)

The problem here is, that any other arcane spell removes the aura. So I have to differentiate between damage arcane spells and normal buffs, but I don't know how.

greets, Kipp

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