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[bug]warrior execute spell

Guest truekush

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Mangos Version: 9792

Custom Patches: None

SD2 Version: 1679

Database Name and Version : UDB Rev. 390

warrior execute spell

how its supposed to work: after useing the spell the caster is supposed to be left with only 10/100 rage

how it works: the caster is left with Full 100/100 rage

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This is caused by variable overflow in


in it's spell effect as

m_caster->CastCustomSpell(unitTarget, 20647, &basePoints0, NULL, NULL, true, 0);

consumes 0.1 rage and therefore can GetPower(POWER_RAGE)-rage give you a negative number which is not suitable for uint32.

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Yeah, this is exactly what I've just written, no need to repeat :P

Anyway it can be simply fixed by converting to int32 and comparing to 0, like:

m_caster->SetPower(POWER_RAGE,int32(m_caster->GetPower(POWER_RAGE)-rage) > 0 ? m_caster->GetPower(POWER_RAGE)-rage : 0 );

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