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No limitation race/class

Guest darksmoke

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i'd like to know how delete class/race limitation ? (to create for exemple a tauren paladin)...

i created a bloodelf paladin and change the race to tauren in the database but the script say "wrong race/class combination" when I log into game ...

How can I do to delete this please ?

Thanks, and have a nice day !

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It's possible. In point of fact, I've done so (Tauren Rogue) however yes, the client needs to be modded for it to work. Basically the CharacterRaces.dbc file has to be changed to allow the combitation, the related stats, spells, etc. must be changed w/in the database, and theese changes need to be reflected in the patches for the client.

As a side note, if the changes are made and the client isn't updated, I believer there's no harm / no foul. By this means an admin might make the priveledge of the new race/class combinations available to donor users.

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