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Horde and Alliance

Guest shadowshumi

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I have a server and i wanna make the Alliance and horde interact each other. make groups, party, join guilds, .... all this stuff.

i changed the values from the mangosd.conf

AllowTwoSide.Accounts = 0

AllowTwoSide.Interaction.Chat = 0

AllowTwoSide.Interaction.Channel = 0

AllowTwoSide.Interaction.Group = 0

AllowTwoSide.Interaction.Guild = 0

AllowTwoSide.Interaction.Auction = 0

AllowTwoSide.Interaction.Mail = 0

AllowTwoSide.WhoList = 0

AllowTwoSide.AddFriend = 0

TalentsInspecting = 1

all set to 1 but doesn't work like it should. i mean i can't attack him but i see him like i can, but i still cant heal him .. so no help at all.

how can i fix this ?:|

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