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Recruit a friend system

Guest Biali

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Dumb question, sorry.

I tried to use search but it didn't helped me at all. maybe I just used the wrong words, but...

Does mangos actually support that recruit a friend system? that one where they, when leveling together, earn more XP and so?

Or maybe there is a way to simulate that system somehow... can some1 help me with that? any information will be really welcome.

ty in advance.

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I have just compiled the latest version and it seems to penalise the two man team (with different levels) as per usual.

Unless I'm mistaken you can only change what can be edited in the mangos.conf file

These can be adjusted to speed up XP gain but theres nothing group specific.

Rate.XP.Kill = 1

Rate.XP.Quest = 1

Rate.XP.Explore = 1

Looking in the database can't see anything either aside from the XP to level requirement.

So it would have to be a code and DB change if its not locked by the client. Have you seen this on a wow server already?

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You could add a "m_playerXpRate" attribute in the Player class.

Then, in Player::LoadFromDB, just see if the player has recruited a friend (with your own custom table or whatever you want)

If so : m_playerXpRate = 2 (200% xp, for example)

If he didn't recruit someone, m_playerXpRate = 1 (100% xp)

Finally, in Player::GiveXP, just make the right calculations before adding the XP (multiply newXP with m_playerXpRate), and that's all.

This is a VERY hacky way, but it may work :)

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