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this is driveing me up the wall :@

Guest tobie

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This is driveing me up the wall yesterday my server was runing Great.. had everything runing then this morning i updated it and now its saying that i havnt got the right SQLs >.<

2010-05-09 16:00:28 ERROR:SQL: SELECT required_9794_02_mangos_command FROM db_version LIMIT 1
2010-05-09 16:00:28 ERROR:query ERROR: Unknown column 'required_9794_02_mangos_command' in 'field list'
2010-05-09 16:00:28 ERROR:Table `db_version` have field `required_9826_01_mangos_spell_script_target` but expected `required_9794_02_mangos_command`! Not all sql updates applied?

I have added them updates but its saying i didnt ? :mad:

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