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Some Questions About Spell_aura_override_class_scripts

Guest kamir86

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I think that SPELL_AURA_OVERRIDE_CLASS_SCRIPTS is not handled in correct way in mangos project, so I'm writing this 3d in hope to gather a piece of information.

Nowaday that aura is handled spread in code like a dummy aura and it's not correct.

In this 3d I want to discuss working around some question:

1) There is really a general implementation of those type of auras?

2) Can we found a way to interpretate correctly the misc value?

3) similarity which have the spell that use this kind of aura?

Tnx for pay attenction

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Well, you'd have to implement spells as scripts and it will still be useless, those numbers are not pointing to anything that is accessable for MaNGOS ( or at least I don't know of anything like that ). Unlike retail servers, ManGOS does not run spells as any scripts or programs, it just provides framework to run spells after data stored for client. While it would be much easier to implement things like this, it'd be barrely posible to provide scripts for almost 280k spells up there... And still you'd need to create scripts for spells to have something to override with ;)

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