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Vehicle + Camera System

Auntie Mangos

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I am trying to have camera system + vehicle system in my server but, I can't get things working together.

First, it was the conflicts while merging... then people here helped me to solve that.

Then, with this post http://getmangos.eu/community/showthread.php?11759-dev-Vehicles&p=113729&viewfull=1#post113729 I finally had my server online again.

Vehicles are working but the camera system appears to be not. Eye of Acherus casts, but then, it shows "interrupted" and nothing happens.

Could someone help me to get both these patchs working together?

I keep my mangos always up-to-date and I am actually using YTDB.

Thank u in advance!!


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Oh sorry, I forgot to mention that.

I am using the SilverIce's Eye of Acherus patch together with his camera system patch.

It used to works just fine before I try to get vehicles (for the Palomino quest, in prior) then my problems begun.

First the merge issues. Trying to apply camera patch after the vehicles patch give us 2 merge conflicts. One in Object.h and the other is in Player.cpp

For this one in Player.cpp I used the changes people suggested me in that Vehicles topic (in the post I linked above). At Object.h, I just added that line manually before the "protected: blablabla" .

No compile errors and so but, ingame, Eye of Acherus doesn't works anymore (at least vehicles does =D). When you click at the Acherus, It casts.. It show its icon up in the right corner.. the screen changes to that... er... myst? or something like that. but then it shows "Interrupt" and nothing more happens....

Thank you for your help! o/

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That's just how Eye Of Acherus behaves without SilverIce's patches so it would seem the edits you used broke either the Camera Fix or the Eye Of Acherus patch.

You also applied any necessary SQL patches?

For the sake of keeping things simple and in one place, can you post the code sections you edited?

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