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Trying to run a "Normal" server realm style

Guest nightlord

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Trying to set up a "Normal" Server Realm Style and have tried all the settings in the mangosd.conf such as:

0 = Normal

4 = Normal

6 = RP

Neither of these will let me make a character in both Alliance and Horde on the same account. I still get the "You cannot have both a Horde and an Alliance character on the same PVP server" message.

Is there something else I must edit to allow this?

Thank you all for the enormous amount of work you have put into this project, it's really amazing how well it runs!

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I found it further down in the mangosd.conf ... in this section:

AllowTwoSide.Accounts = 1

AllowTwoSide.Interaction.Chat = 1

AllowTwoSide.Interaction.Channel = 1

AllowTwoSide.Interaction.Group = 1

AllowTwoSide.Interaction.Guild = 1

AllowTwoSide.Interaction.Auction = 1

AllowTwoSide.Interaction.Mail = 1

AllowTwoSide.WhoList = 1

AllowTwoSide.AddFriend = 1

TalentsInspecting = 1

Everything here was set to 0 except "TalentsInspecting" for a PVP server setup.

I set them all to 1 and now I can make characters in both Alliance and Horde as well as chat/mail etc. between the two.

Must also have the "Server Realm Style" set to 0 = "Normal" or 4 = "Normal" or 6= "RP"

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