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Mail Item If No Room

Guest Peec

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I just set up mangos again.

I have added alot of items in `playercreateinfo_item`...

Currently mangos will not add more than the first bag.

This patch sends the items that could not be added in mailbox.

I dont know if this is offical or not, but it is very handy.


msg = CanStoreNewItem( NULL_BAG, NULL_SLOT, sDest, titem_id, titem_amount );

was an uneeded change.

Index: src/game/Player.cpp
--- src/game/Player.cpp        (revision 6572)
+++ src/game/Player.cpp        (working copy)
@@ -637,15 +637,29 @@
                // attempt store
                ItemPosCountVec sDest;
                // store in main bag to simplify second pass (special bags can be not equipped yet at this moment)
-                msg = CanStoreNewItem( INVENTORY_SLOT_BAG_0, NULL_SLOT, sDest, titem_id, titem_amount );
+                msg = CanStoreNewItem( NULL_BAG, NULL_SLOT, sDest, titem_id, titem_amount );
                if( msg == EQUIP_ERR_OK ) 
                        StoreNewItem( sDest, titem_id, true, Item::GenerateItemRandomPropertyId(titem_id) );
                        continue;                                                                             // stored, to next

+                // Peec edit..
+                // Yah.. Send the item in mail to the player..
+                MailItemsInfo mi;                                                                     // item list preparing
+                if(Item* item = Item::CreateItem(item_id_itr->item_id,item_id_itr->item_amount,this))
+                {
+                        item->SaveToDB();                                             // save for prevent lost at next mail load, if send fail then item will deleted
+                        mi.AddItem(item->GetGUIDLow(), item->GetEntry(), item);
+                }
+                std::string subject = GetSession()->GetMangosString(LANG_NOT_EQUIPPED_ITEM);
+                WorldSession::SendMailTo(this, MAIL_NORMAL, MAIL_STATIONERY_NORMAL, GetGUIDLow(), GetGUIDLow(), subject, 0, &mi, 0, 0, NOT_READ);
+                // End peec EDIT
                // item can't be added
-                sLog.outError("STORAGE: Can't equip or store initial item %u for race %u class %u , error msg = %u",titem_id,race,class_,msg);
+                sLog.outError("STORAGE: Can't equip or store initial item %u for race %u class %u , error msg = %u. However, the item was sent to player in-mail.",titem_id,race,class_,msg);

        // bags and main-hand weapon must equipped at this moment

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