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[fix][6625] Periodic Leech

Guest thenecromancer

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SendHealSpellLog should send gain instead of new_damage * multiplier, otherwise it shows misleading numbers.

Index: game/SpellAuras.cpp
--- game/SpellAuras.cpp        (revision 6623)
+++ game/SpellAuras.cpp        (working copy)
@@ -5735,10 +5735,10 @@

                        int32 gain = pCaster->SpellHealingBonus(spellProto, uint32(new_damage * multiplier), DOT, pCaster);

-                        gain = pCaster->ModifyHealth(gain);
-                        pCaster->getHostilRefManager().threatAssist(pCaster, float(gain) * 0.5f, spellProto);
+                        float realGain = float(pCaster->ModifyHealth(gain));
+                        pCaster->getHostilRefManager().threatAssist(pCaster, realGain * 0.5f, spellProto);

-                        pCaster->SendHealSpellLog(pCaster, spellProto->Id, uint32(new_damage * multiplier));
+                        pCaster->SendHealSpellLog(pCaster, spellProto->Id, uint32(gain));
                case SPELL_AURA_PERIODIC_HEAL:

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