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Is It Possible To Shut Down Single Instances?!

Guest SomethingPink

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i am pretty much new to all this and still in the "trying-around-phase", if i can call it like that. i dont have too much time on my hands at the moment which is why i thought it would be better to just post the question here instead of searchin for am existing thread, where i could find my answer.

i would like to know if there is a known way to shut down a single instance. like, if there are bugged bosses that dont use some of their spells or where other issues occur, you can just somehow lock the entrance in some way and disable it for as long as it takes to fix the problem.

i know i could for example turn off the raid-drops for the time being, but that would effect alot of instances that way, and not just the one where the actul bug is messing things up.

i'd rly love to get ideas or even solutions, if youve done the same thing already or happen to know where i can find help.

ps. plz excuse my bad english (: the germans in the house.

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