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[patch][6690] Restore Work Of Display Required Money

Guest NoFantasy

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Restore work of display Required Money: If quest require money to complete, then we display the amount in "RequestItems" quest window.

Revision: 6670+ (patch made for 6670)

Who made it: NoFantasy

Info: It used to work so i assume it just got mixed up at a point. If RewOrReqMoney is negative then the amount needed to continue will be displayed.


Index: src/game/GossipDef.cpp
--- src/game/GossipDef.cpp        (revision 6670)
+++ src/game/GossipDef.cpp        (working copy)
@@ -721,11 +721,11 @@
                data << uint32(0x00);

+        data << uint32(0x00);                                                                     // unknown
        // Required Money
        data << uint32(pQuest->GetRewOrReqMoney() < 0 ? -pQuest->GetRewOrReqMoney() : 0);

-        data << uint32(0x00);                                                                     // unknown
        data << uint32( pQuest->GetReqItemsCount() );
        ItemPrototype const *pItem;
        for (int i = 0; i < QUEST_OBJECTIVES_COUNT; i++)

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