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Hey guys,

I know after reading this you may tell me to go read the Installation/Guides or what ever.

However, I would like to know, why do I need to compile Mangos, what is compiling and why do Mangos need it.

Same with Scriptdev2, I have a teleporter, I followed the steps, not sure how to compile but I don't know how it makes a difference? - Unless i'm just fail, I don't know.

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Read it.

Yeah it's a lot of text, but It's well explained there.

Otherwise, google for "compiling".

In short,

the source code is made to be easy for people to write,

but the computer won't understand any of that.

So when the source code has been written,

it must be compiled into computer code,

so the computer can understand what the programmer wants it to do.

And I'm only speaking about C++ that mangos is using.

And as for ScriptDev2,

Anything about them should be taken up in their forum.

And that teleporter,

ask in that teleporters thread.

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Ah, ok thank you very much.

I now realised I need to compile Mangos as well. Do I need to get the source code, and do I need to get 3.3.5a which is my server's patch? -- If it's a blank one, and I put it into my server will it replace all of the work I have currently done on the server?


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