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I can not enter my world

Auntie Mangos

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Mariano, 10198 seems to me is branch 400 (the last version - La ante ultima versión)


and have no support.. See (No tiene soporte por estar en desarrollo constante es beta o alpha no estoy seguro)



But just in case... you update data base ? Por las dudas... actualisaste la base de datos ?


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  • 40 years later...

when I run realmd.exe and mangos.exe I load perfect but when I enter the world aparese q me the server is offline: my conf realmd revisión 10198

LoginDatabaseInfo = ";3306;root;mangos;realmd"

LogsDir = "./logs"

MaxPingTime = 30

RealmServerPort = 3724

BindIP = ""

PidFile = ""

LogLevel = 0

LogTime = 0

LogFile = "Realmd.log"

LogTimestamp = 0

LogFileLevel = 0

LogColors = ""

UseProcessors = 0

ProcessPriority = 1

WaitAtStartupError = 0

RealmsStateUpdateDelay = 20

WrongPass.MaxCount = 0

WrongPass.BanTime = 600

WrongPass.BanType = 0

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what you're trying desir is that there is a stable support for this vercion?

compile it last night and if my update and I have db dbc and maps for version 3.3.5 and have read that the review supports 3.3.5 10 195

corre correctamente mangos .exe y realmd .exe de maravilla pero cuando entro a en el juego me aparece servidor desconectado

if there is no one solution Linck ask to download a kernel that supports the version 3.3.3a please

thank you very much for answering friend

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