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Crash Revision: * * 10200 *

Guest Stillsyk

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When I got to start mangosd.exe I keep receiving the same crash dump

Revision: * * 10200 *

Date 17:7:2010. Time 10:21


*** Hardware ***

Processor: Intel® Pentium® D CPU 3.00GHz

Number Of Processors: 2

Physical Memory: 1571308 KB (Available: 890188 KB)

Commit Charge Limit: 3512876 KB

*** Operation System ***

Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3 (Version 5.1, Build 2600)


Exception code: E06D7363

Fault address: 7C812AFB 01:00011AFB C:\\WINDOWS\\system32\\kernel32.dll









SS:ESP:0023:0013FBB0 EBP:0013FC04

DS:0023 ES:0023 FS:003B GS:0000


Call stack:

Address Frame Function SourceFile

7C812AFB 00000000 RaiseException+52

78AC7819 00000000 _CxxThrowException+45

78060D94 00000000 [email protected]@@[email protected]+30

0046DA5C 00000000 World::LoadConfigSettings+179C

00476270 00000000 World::SetInitialWorldSettings+40

0044494C 00000000 Master::Run+10C

0044296A 00000000 main+47A

00448443 00000000 __tmainCRTStartup+122

7C817077 00000000 RegisterWaitForInputIdle+49

Call stack:

Address Frame Function SourceFile

7C90E514 00000000 KiFastSystemCallRet+0

0013EC28 00000000 0000:00000000

052815FF 00000000

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Make sure you have applied all the sql updates. Not much on this Crash Dump but it looks like it stops at loading your config file. Run it in a command prompt you will see the error messages on startup.

Good luck.

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