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Selected Dungeon Difficulty wrong after relog


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Mangos Version: 10226

Custom Patches: --

SD2 Version: --

Database Name and Version : UDB 391

How it SHOULD work:

After you relog, the showed raid difficulty should be the one, you enter in.

How it DOES work:

Select Raid Difficulty 25, relog, Difficulty is showed with 25, enter instance, and you will enter in 10mode


This only happens for raids.

for groups if you have switched to group-heroic, there is a message after login, that you are on group-heroic.

There is no such message for raid-heroic mode

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Confirmed. This happens mostly if you are not in a raid group, or you have been kicked from the group while you are still inside the dungeon.

There is also another issue about raid difficulties.

In some certain raid dungeons, like Icecrown Citadel, players should be able to change the difficulty dynamic, while they are on the same session.


A group of 10 players make raid in normal mode ICC. One player from the group has already killed the Lich King on normal mode and has the King Slayer achiev. While inside the dungeon that player can switch difficuly to heroic mode for a certain encounter and then switch back to normal mode. This happens in the same raid lock.

More example:

A group enters ICC on 10 normal mode and have a player with King Slayer achiev inside the group. They kill Marrowgar and Deathwhisper. Before they start the Gunship battle they decide to do this on heroic. So the raid leader passes the lead to the player with King Slayer achiev, so he can set the raid to heroic mode. They do the Gunship battle on heroic and after that they switch back to normal mode for Deathbringer Saurfang.

I hope this makes sense. :)

Note: this information is tested on Blizz.

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