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BUG - Infinite Raid/Instance ID

Auntie Mangos

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  • 40 years later...

Mangos 10200

UDB 391

SD2 1742

Since we updated tp 3.3.5 (somewhere between 10064 and 10200), the ID for raids has bugged concerning resetting times.

Previously it was working right and all Saturdays all IDs were resetting, but now there is a strange bug that the ID expires in a range between 5000+ to 8400+ days.

Also Heroic Instances, they do not show so many days like raids, indeed they dont even show a proper expiring time, but they never leave the "Raid Info" box that manages IDs. Regarding this point what is more strange is that you really can do Heroics again once server reset in the next day, I dont know if the same will happen with Raids, need to wait till this coming Saturday to check.


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