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[patch] ItemLoot fix

Guest Iskander

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I'm not sure if someone already metioned this issue.

If you're in a 20sec countdown of your logout process and open an item with loot, for example Shattered Sun Supplies, and don't loot all items from it, so the loot table remains open, then once the timer finishes and you're logged off, the bag still gets stuck in the inventory, so you can repeat the process and get the loot again.

This patch should solve this issue by marking those items as 'locked' during the logout process.

Index: trunk/src/game/SpellHandler.cpp
--- trunk/src/game/SpellHandler.cpp    (revision 6767)
+++ trunk/src/game/SpellHandler.cpp    (working copy)
@@ -254,7 +254,12 @@
        CharacterDatabase.PExecute("DELETE FROM character_gifts WHERE item_guid = '%u'", pItem->GetGUIDLow());
-    else
+    else if(isLogingOut()) //cannot open while loging out
+    {
+        pUser->SendEquipError(EQUIP_ERR_ITEM_LOCKED, pItem, NULL );
+        return;
+    }
+    else


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Well, problem is different. On offi, the loot content (and locked state) of any inventory container is saved. So if you lockpick container and get item A, B, C and take just A and close loot window, container remains in your inventory. Later you have just to click on it to open - you don't have to pick it again - and you get to loot B and C. Until you throw away that container or loot it completely. Maybe 'gift' system should be reused for this functionality to work ?

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No, gift system wotk only single to single item replace at open. And i think better not change this. Gift not considered at "container" but as changed items itself.

Maybe more correct way convert item to special bag (without possibility add items in it) and save as bag, and delete at empty. But this will required

changes in bag system work. Currently bag expected to equipped in bag slot when open... We need preserve current anti-cheat checks for normal bags and allow work like loot-bags in same time...

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