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Creature PhaseMasks

Guest xarly

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Until now, if you set phaseMask to 128, npc was only visible for alliance players, and 64 for horde players.

Now this is not working, both phasemasks are not visible for both factions. This happens in instances and world

I have testest with 10202 with clean ytdb

for example


is not visible for alliance players

I think those phases are correct, could be this a new bug?

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Really? I tell you what I see. YTDB has always used phasemask 64 for npc or gobjects that only has to be visible by horde players, and 128 for alliance.

In rev for 322 this was working well, but now it doesn't, at least for me.


Horde players can see npc in phase 64

Alliance players don't see npc in phase 128

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