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I've been trying to debug MaNGOS with the GNU debugger through Cygwin on Windows Vista.

I compiled a debug core (Win32_Debug, not the PCH one) with VC++2008 Express on a different computer.

Whenever I try to start it up with GDB I get this error message:

Starting program: /cygdrive/d/mangos/debug/mangosd
Error creating process /cygdrive/d/mangos/debug/mangosd, (error 14001).

I read somewhere that the problem was that the machine it runs on needs to have the Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package installed in order for the application to run. I installed this and it still gives the same error.

Anyone have an idea on what is wrong?

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If you have VC++ 2008 of any kind installed, you should already have the runtime installed as well.

I think Vladimir was referring to VS 2008 users installing the VS 2010 C++ runtime for those components created using that version of VC++.

Your other option is to install VS 2010.

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