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[BUG] Not Sure if its Core so Plz Confirm it


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Core: 10246

Sd2: 1749

DB: YTDB all up to date

Ok the quest [skorn Must Fall!] give you this item [Winterhoof Emblem].

So the problem is that with the item you can summon infinite times the npc, when you should summon 1 only.

not sure how it should work on official, if when you use the item for 2cnd time the first npc disappear, or if you get a msg saying that you cant use that item at this moment.

will post at sd2, caus not sure if this is core, or sd2 problem

NOTE: i found another similar quest where from the item you can summon many times the same creature, so this make me think that is a mangos core problem.

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