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A few memory leaks in Guild.cpp

Guest Toinan67

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I (maybe I'm wrong) noticed some mem leaks in Guild.cpp.

   Field *fields = result->Fetch();
   uint8 TabId = fields[0].GetUInt8();

   GuildBankTab *NewTab = new GuildBankTab;
   memset(NewTab->Slots, 0, GUILD_BANK_MAX_SLOTS * sizeof(Item*));

   NewTab->Name = fields[1].GetCppString();
   NewTab->Icon = fields[2].GetCppString();
   NewTab->Text = fields[3].GetCppString();

   m_TabListMap[TabId] = NewTab;
} while (result->NextRow());

You can see the new GuildBankTab.

And, when the guild is disbanded :

void Guild::Disband()
   BroadcastEvent(GE_DISBANDED, 0, 0, "", "", "");

   while (!members.empty())
       MemberList::const_iterator itr = members.begin();
       DelMember(MAKE_NEW_GUID(itr->first, 0, HIGHGUID_PLAYER), true);

   CharacterDatabase.PExecute("DELETE FROM guild WHERE guildid = '%u'", m_Id);
   CharacterDatabase.PExecute("DELETE FROM guild_rank WHERE guildid = '%u'", m_Id);
   CharacterDatabase.PExecute("DELETE FROM guild_bank_tab WHERE guildid = '%u'", m_Id);
   // TODO item_instance should be deleted ?
   CharacterDatabase.PExecute("DELETE FROM guild_bank_item WHERE guildid = '%u'", m_Id);
   CharacterDatabase.PExecute("DELETE FROM guild_bank_right WHERE guildid = '%u'", m_Id);
   CharacterDatabase.PExecute("DELETE FROM guild_bank_eventlog WHERE guildid = '%u'", m_Id);
   CharacterDatabase.PExecute("DELETE FROM guild_eventlog WHERE guildid = '%u'", m_Id);

Nothing is released. Same things for the items in the guild bank.

So maybe something like this would be nice :

uint8 i = 0;
for (i = 0; i < m_PurchasedTabs; ++i) {
   for (uint8 j = 0; j < GUILD_BANK_MAX_SLOTS; ++j) {
       if (Item* pItem = m_TabListMap[i]->Slots[j]) {
           delete pItem;
   delete m_TabListMap[i]; 

for (; i < m_TabListMap.size(); ++i)
   delete m_TabListMap[i];

(Placed somewhere in Guild :: Disband)

This would also permit to delete the items from the DB (delete from item_instance).

What do you think about it?

It's just a question actually, not sure at all if I'm right :S

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