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3.3.5 database ?

Guest Fantomas

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Mangos is not an emulator.

Mangos source comes with empty database structures, supporting the current client version mangos is supporting.

Hence, If you have downloaded a rev. of mangos that supports 3.3.5,

then you already have it.

However, if you ment a content database, then look at

"Installation, Configuration & Upgrades" subforum, "3rd party projects (DB, scripting, forks for support different client versions)" stickie,

read, and go to those forums and ask whatever mangos rev. they support.

Content database questions are not a mangos problem, but for the content database provider.

And "comoa", mangos does not support "repacks" (precompiled binarys with a complete database and so on).

Compile your own database, read the stickies in the "Installation, Conf..." subforum.

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